About Us

About Us

The course was developed on the basis of a joint initiative of the UAFA organization and the Center for Child and Human Development of Washington Georgetown University. The 24-week CHED foundational course provides knowledge of “Basics of Early Child Development” in children aged 0-8 years. The training course consists of 2 components, each lasting 12 weeks. It will last for 12 weeks, 2 times a week, in the form of 2-hour lessons each time. The first component of the course includes theoretical and practical knowledge. The second component is the practical component, based on the mentoring of the practical application of newly learned skills. During this period, the practical skills of the participants will be developed through mentoring. At the end, each participant’s portfolio will be submitted to Georgetown University for final evaluation by UAFA. This course will give participants credits during their future full bachelor’s / master’s studies. (Validity of loans is limited only to universities in Azerbaijan). At the end of the course, which will last for 12 weeks, each time in the form of 2-hour lessons, 2 times a week, the participants will take a test, as well as a virtual (online) evaluation by Georgetown University. Those who successfully pass the test will be presented with Certificates on behalf of Washington Georgetown University.

Service sector

  • Rehabilitation / habilitation services
  • Community-based rehabilitation
  • Psychological, pedagogical and speech therapy services
  • It is not necessary for you to have a higher education to participate in this course!
  • Inclusive education
  • Early intervention
  • Language of the course: Azerbaijani, English (with translation)


CHED course management: Will be introduced to participants in the first session. Copy of materials: In each session, participants will be provided with materials related to the topic covered.

Main rules

  • Participation in all exercises is important. If you cannot attend for a very serious reason, you should discuss this with faculty members
  • The use of mobile phones during training is not allowed
  • It is mandatory to pass the assessment at the end of the course. Only participants who successfully pass the evaluation by UAFA and Georgetown University will be provided with a certificate.

Who is this course for?

The target group is professionals working with children aged 0-8 years.

Specialists working in health, education and social fields (pediatricians, psychologists, speech therapists, neuropathologists, physiotherapists, teachers and assistants working in the field of inclusive education). For managers in health, education and social services


The evaluation is planned to be carried out in two forms.

Test: The evaluation of the test answers of the participants will be done at the end of 12 weeks. The test questions will be directly related to the materials covered in the course. This test aims to evaluate how the participants mastered the knowledge provided in the course

CHED Course Portfolio

The CHED core course Portfolio aims to enable participants to put into practice the knowledge and skills acquired in the early childhood course and to enrich their practical skills. Participants will work on a Portfolio and be mentored by faculty members. The portfolio consists of 6 tasks. The portfolio will be completed at the end of 6 months and will be sent to Georgetown University for final evaluation after review by the course mentor. It is not intended to set a price here, only the portfolio of the participants reflecting their basic knowledge is intended to be accepted.